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Delicious books

In an act of utter rebellion, I assigned my English 10 students to choose a book from the media center library to read independently!! It’s something I’ve been wanting to do, and I pushed it in my department meetings for years.  At the recent conference I attended (more on that later) I attended a session on making teens life-long readers.  It was the kick in the pants I needed.

I did a book talk, choosing the juiciest passages from some of my favorite YA authors.  The entire room was dead silent.  After I set my parameters I let the students loose.  Of course there was one or two reluctant students, but before the end of the period all of my students had checked out a book and many of them had already started reading.  I think I will post about a few of them when I actually have more time (If you haven’t noticed, I’ve not posted in quite awhile).

Anyways, my bright idea came after school when I was grading papers.  I have a shelfari (virtual bookshelf) where I am keeping track of my recent reads.  I like to use it as a reference section for finding the newest popular lit out there.  Anyways, it always feels great to put another book up on the shelf, so I created my own classroom virtual bookshelf tonight on shelfari.  Each student will be required to upload his/her book to the shelf along with a review.  When students start uploading their book reviews I’ll post a link!