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Kodiak cakes and 10th grade updates…

I know that this blog began as a teaching blow with plenty of stories about how dedicated I am to the profession, and how instead of prepping my lesson on Freud and Hamlet for my class tomorrow, I basically blog surf and think about my next delicious meal, but tonight will be an exception.

I wanted to mention that Kodiak cakes is giving away a half year supply!!  Check them out!  Yum-o!

In the meantime – I have about a bazillion things to do.  I spent two hours after school working on my literature circle unit, which begins next Friday.  I’ve already handed out permission slips to students, and they are all due back tomorrow.  We’ll see how that turnout goes.  I threatened that I would be the one picking their novel if they didn’t get the sheet in.  Take away choice and see what happens.

Then I updated my webpage with a list of all the awesome work my students have been doing in English 10.  And they really have.  Here is what my teacher homepage reads:

Do you even know how awesome our students are?

Need evidence?

1.  English 10 students just finished writing their five page research papers, and massed wicked amounts of time revising and editing every single error I marked in their papers!

2.  Our English 10 bookshelf on just keeps growing!  In fact…

3.  Just five weeks into the third marking period, English 10 students have finished their next independent read and are getting pumped up about incorporating technology into their next booktalk!

4.  English 10ers ROCKED the Of Mice and Men unit, completing the novel in a record two weeks, making amazing predictions about future events in the novel, and participating in some insightful Socratic seminars where they led the class discussions.

5.  Finally, they took a big dive into college level analysis when they learned about intertextuality and wrote a response paper analyzing Saturday Night Live’s rewritten ending to Of Mice and Men.

Phew!  I’m exhausted just thinking about how much hard work they’ve committed to in only five weeks.  Just think, 15 weeks from now, the June sun will feel that much better when we know we certainly EARNED our summer break!


I know parents check my webpage, and I think a lot of the time they always hear how naughty the kids are lately.  Maybe this will be a welcome change.  I mean, it’s only taken 25 weeks, but I think my tenth graders are finally starting to “get it.”