My life in blog form

I realize it’s late…

After a late hockey game (it’s playoffs in my B league) I’m now wide awake and trying to find ways to wind down from my day.  I was up mighty early for a St. Patty’s Day breakfast at my brother-in-law’s house  Have I mentioned that my sister is dating my brother-in-law?  Apparently this is more common than one would expect!  Anyways, it’s convenient for me, since I’m really close with my sister.  My husband and I made a visit there, then headed up the hill to work on our house ( for that!).

We spent 6 hours gluing together the piping for our central vac (Can I even tell you how excited I am about this??  The one chore I DESPISE is vacuuming.  It’s loud; vacuums always break; they’re bulky….)  But I’m sorry, six hours of ANYTHING in a house without heat  eventually gets boring and annoying at the same time.  I tried sitting near the heater and reading Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.  I’m about halfway through right now.  It’s one of those books you can pick up in your spare time.

Anyways, we left there about 3, and stopped off at Bennu, where I had an Irish coffee and Nick had a scotch.  We ordered some food to go and completely overate.  I then spent hours trying to digest my food before my playoff game, which ended up being incredibly physical – probably the most physical game we’ve had all season, but especially fun.  What’s hockey without a little pushing and shoving in front of the net??

I should be exhausted.  I should be worried about the hour of sleep I am going to lose tonight, and the fact that I need to be up early because I’m responsible for reading at mass at 8 am tomorrow, but instead I’m totally wired.

And thinking about summer professional development.

Syracuse University offers a special one week course at their summer lodge at Blue Mountain Lake for all SUPA instructors.  The 6 credits end up costing $420 (quite the steal!) but the entire week ends up costing something like $1,800.  Seriously, I can’t afford this and I want to go SO BAD!!

A week in the woods, no tv, no phones.  I could start every morning with a long run, spend my evenings on the dock reading or engaging in intellectual discourse!

Any idea where I could get funding to attend this dream event?  I’ve already contacted our assistant superintendent about it, but I have a feeling if they cover anything, it’s only going to be the cost of credits…I’m desperate here!!  The only other thing I thought of was starting a fundraiser right here on my blog, where people could donate!  Is that lame or would that actually work?