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Sports banquets

I’ve just returned home from one of the LONGEST days of the school year: sports banquet night.

In years past, the cheerleaders are part of the boys basketball banquet.  That typically consists of me making a long speech about how cheerleaders really ARE athletes to a group of parents, board members, and basketball players who really not only could give a hoot about the cheerleaders, but if they actually DID pay attention for a minute, might actually stand up and protest my speech.

People don’t my cheerleaders very seriously, but I must say, I can’t remember the last time I saw any of them toss another person 10 feet into the air, or hold them there for that matter.  Let’s not get into the argument.  Let’s just admit that my girls work hard – work DAMN hard at their sport – and for that, they deserve a little bit of the respect other sports teams get in our school (and I am specifically referencing the teams deemed by our culture to be the most important even when they can’t complete a pass all season).

Since the school is trying to show support to both male and female athletes, it expects cheerleaders to cheer boys and girls home games.  Let’s also not get into the fact that this saves the school a crapload of money on away busses, which I’m pretty sure is the real reason we have weeks where we are at school four nights in a row from 6-10 pm cheerleading….What’s the point of attending the boy’s banquet?  We cheer both boys and girls.  So this year, we’ve done the unthinkable:  we’ve decided to hold our own banquet, and it was a total success.  We had 40 people there!  At most basketball banquets, I’m lucky if all of the girls show up, with maybe a handful of parents.  It was nice to have a laidback evening where I didn’t feel pressured to give a long speech and justify what my girls did all season.  Their parents knew.
Here we all are after taking first place at a local competition!