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How do you plan for a sub?

In years past, I’ve actually made every attempt to create a lesson that is somehow related to what we are doing in class and requires only a tiny amount of substitute teaching ability. 

But then I ran into this problem:

Tomorrow is the second Friday of the school year, and I already need a sub.  I am being observed by Syracuse University in the college writing course that I teach for them at the high school.  The biggest issue is that I am in the middle of modeling the writing process for my students.  We design a graphic organizer, fill in all the blanks for it, and then use the organizer to write out paragraphs.  Tomorrow is the day I am supposed to be modeling that!  I can’t just tell the sub to let the students write their body paragraphs.  It would defeat the entire purpose of modeling.  Meanwhile, I refuse to give them some mundane reading assignment. 

So what’s a girl to do?

I’m using Jing.

It’s a download that allows you to record what you are doing right on the computer.  I’m going to put the graphic organizer up and then put a blank document up and narrate (model) the writing of a body paragraph.  After that, students can write their own body paragraphs for the second half of the essay.  I’m off to record.  I’ll update on Monday to let everyone know how it goes!

P.S. you can use Jing to take pictures as well.


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