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Since I DO teach high school English,  I plan on posting a lot of school related “stuff.”

Here is my first English related post.

A friend of mine referred me to Shelfari –  Pretty cool site.  You have a virtual bookshelf that allows you to list books you WANT to read, books you are CURRENTLY reading, and books you HAVE ALREADY read.  What I like about it is that when you add a title, the site recommends other books you might have read or might be interested in reading.  It’s a great way to find other books you might enjoy.  Plus, you can write your own summaries and reviews of novels you have already read.

It isn’t just fiction either.  I’ve added some technical titles as well.  Check it out!  You might find yourself addicted!



Originally I started blogging for me.  Then I realized that I should just do a blog on the process of building my house.  So I started this blog.  This is where you will really find my musings on ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING – plus updates about crap going on in my life!

Let’ start with the fact that I am REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY patiently awaiting the proofs from my wedding photographer.  You can check out her blog at  Her work is amazing, and if you browse through enough, you’ll find our engagement session.  I have no problem waiting because I know it is worth the wait.  My RELATIVES on the other hand, are asking daily whether she has sent the pictures. 

I’ve learned quite a bit from wedding planning, and something I picked up AFTER the wedding day, which I wish I had figured out earlier, was the beaty of shutterfly.  For any couple looking for a photo sharing website, you should definitely consider setting up a shutterfly website.  Leave little notes at each of your tables asking guests to upload their pictures to your site after the wedding.  Most of my friends posted theirs on facebook first, and not all of them have posted them on shutterfly yet (I sent out an e-mail about a week after the wedding, when I realized this entire thing was even possible!) but you can still check out a ton of great pictures and the best man’s speech (filmed by an eight year old, so it’s pretty rough):

Once we get the proofs, my parents are planning a wedding party at their home.  They have a projector that we watch movies on (outside on the side of the house when the weather is nice).  They are hoping to have a nice BBQ – some marshmallow roasting – and a proof viewing once the sun sets.  Should be fun!  For those uninterested in checking out shutterfly, I’ll leave you with one of my favorite pics from the end of the night. 


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